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Cancer Prevention And Early Detection

Sometimes cancer is unavoidable but finding it early can dramatically improve your chances of beating it. If cancer is found when it is still small and has not yet spread, your chances of beating are good. However, the longer a tumor goes unnoticed, the greater the chance that the cancer has spread, which usually makes treatment more difficult.

Certain types of cancer can be found before they cause symptoms. Screening can help doctors find and treat some types of cancer early. Generally, cancer treatment is more effective when the disease is found early enough. 
When to see your doctor
Regular checkups are important because healthcare professionals like doctors are trained to spot the early warning signs of cancer. But even if you’ve recently seen your doctor for a checkup, it’s important to report any of these changes as soon as possible:
  • A new or unusual lump or swelling in the breast, testicles or any other part of the body
  • Any sore which does not heal anywhere on your body or in your mouth
  • Obvious change in the shape, size or color of a mole or wart
  • A nagging cough, hoarseness or a croaky voice 
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Blood in the urine, stool or phlegm
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge of any sort from the nipple or vagina
  • Any change in bladder habits, such as pain or difficulty urinating
  • Any change in bowel habits (constipation or diarrhea) that last more than a few weeks
  • Persistent indigestion
  • Unexplained weight loss, fever or fatigue
  • Unexplained aches and pains
  • Any new growth on the skin, or patches of skin that bleed, itch or become red
Having any of these signs doesn’t always mean that you have cancer. They may be due to some other medical problem, or they may not be serious at all. Only your doctor can tell for sure.
Care 1 Executive Health Care center offers specialized basic cancer screening, different packages including: 
  1. Breast cancer screening
  2. Gynecologic screening/ Cervical cancer screening
  3. Prostate cancer screening
  4. Liver cancer screening
  5. Colon and rectal cancer screening  
  6. Gastric cancer screening
  7. Thyroid cancer screening
  8. Metabolic disease screening

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