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Cholesterol - What you need to know
What you need to know
What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty, wax-like substance found naturally in all body cells. It is used to build cells, build hormones and aids in digestion

When there is too much, it begins to stick to artery walls and build up and can lead to #1 US killer - heart disease
What are the two type of cholesterol?

HDL (good cholesterol)
- carries excess cholesterol in your blood back to your liver where it's broken down and removed from your body

LDL (bad cholesterol)
- carries cholesterol to your cells or can deposit excess cholesterol on the artery walls promoting plaque formation

What causes high cholesterol?

Can control
diet |  overweight/obesity  |  psysical inactivity  |  smoking  |  excessive alcohol intake  | 

Cannot control
age - as we get older, risk increases  |  gender - after menopause, LDL increases in women  |  genes/family history

What are the symptoms of high cholesterol?
High cholesterol is often called "the silent killer" because for most people there are no obvious signs or symptoms to look out for. In the vast majority of cases, the only true symptoms it may cause are emergency events like:

- ANGINA - (chest pain) caused by narrowing of one or more arteries that feed the heart

- HEART ATTACK - chest pain, difficulty of breathing, excessive fatigue, dizziness, anxiety or feeling of an impending doom

- STROKE - sudden dizziness, sudden loss of balance and coordination, facial asymmetry, confusion, inability to move particularly one side of the body, slurring of words, numbness in the face arms or legs, blurred vision, sudden severe headache.
What can I do to lower my cholesterol levels?
- Eat foods with less fat, saturated fat and cholesterol broil, bake, roast or poach instead of frying foods

- Eat lots of fruits and vegetables everyday

- Exercise daiy or regularly

- Lose weight if you are overweight

- Stop smoking

- Ask your doctor if you need to take medicine to help lower your cholesterol

- Take your high blood cholesterol medicine as prescribed by your doctor and have regular follow up consults
Know your numbers Did you know...?

Women over age 20 should have their cholesterol checked by their doctor

Women over the age of 55 tend to have higher cholesterol levels than men

People with high total cholesterol have  approximately twice the risk for heart disease as people with ideal levels

Many people are unaware that they have high cholesterol and the only way to find out is to have a blood test

All adults should have their cholesterol levels checked once every 5 years

Cholesterol is only one of the risk factors for heart attack and stroke. Ask
your doctor about it
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