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Our goal has always been to help you live a healthier, more enjoyable life. Since our first establishment in 1994, we have been striving every day to bring undisputed standard of healthcare closer to Vietnamese families.
Family Medical Practice and Care1 have an important contribution to make to this effort and it centers on devoted physicians, staff, therapy and innovation. Innovation is at the core of everything we do – from the treatment protocols we use to the equipment we purchase to how we run our business – because this is how we deliver healthcare that doesn’t just benefit patients but society at large.

With that in mind and as a way to pay back to the Vietnamese community, we introduced a new complementary “Living Healthy” Card Program
This helps broaden affordability of our consultation services, safe medicines and vaccinations
This card will provide you with the following benefits:
* VND520.000 consultancy fee/visit with the doctor(s) of your choice: Vietnamese doctors or foreign doctors (with medical translator) around the clock: Orthopedics and Hand Surgery, Internal Medicine, Hepatology (Liver disease), Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Infectious disease, ENT, Pediatrics, Trauma and Emergency.

•  15% discount on total bill in HCMC and 30% in Danang
•  5% on Care1 general check-ups for your family members
•  Safe and certified medications, vaccines and vaccination process
•  Reputable biopsy results (we send our biopsies for interpretation abroad)
•  Access to Ambulance transportation in case of Emergency to all our patients ( response time : 5 minutes day and 15 minutes night)

•  Access to our alarm center and Emergency ground and Air evacuation network in Vietnam and South East Asia
 * Access, advice and referral arrangements to First Class hospitals in the region.  NO “mediation fees”
The Living Healthy Card program Terms and Conditions:
1. This program is applicable to all full time doctors working at Family Medical Practice and Care1 clinics in HCMC, and Danang
2. This card is applicable to non-insured Vietnamese citizens only.
3. The VSHP program has been stopped and is replaced with this new program “Living Healthy” Card. For those who own VSHP, the VSHP benefits will end the moment your VSHP purchase expires which is written on your VSHP card. During that period, you have the choice to pursue the benefits of VSHP or The “Living Healthy” Card Program. Combing the two programs is not allowed.
4. This program does not include the following medical services:
    •  Lab tests conducted abroad
    •  MRIs
    •  Visa Check-ups
    •  All vaccinations
    •  School check-ups
5. This card is not transferable
6. Patients are required to provide Identification cards prior to receiving the cards
7. Patients are required to show the cards anytime they use the services at our clinics
8. In case you lose your card, there will be a fee of 100,000VND incurred to issue a replacement card.
9. If the program offerings and details change, Family Medical Practice and Care1 management will notify you of the changes on the notice board at our clinics, on our website or via emails.  Family Medical Practice and Care1 have the final decision regarding any changes affecting this program.
10. Other terms and conditions of insurance policies at Family Medical Practice and Care1 clinics remain unchanged.
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