Pre-Marital Screening

Pre-marital screening consists of a comprehensive group of tests. It is meant especially for those who are planning to get married. The tests are designed to identify potential health problems that may have an impact on one's fertility and also to detect some of the hereditary diseases and infections.

Why is Pre-Marital screening important?
Many people are not aware of their state of health. An individual might look healthy but he/she may have undetected health problems or be a silent carrier of infectious or hereditary diseases. A routine blood test can reveal such conditions so that necessary precautions or
treatments can be initiated.

Pre-marital screening enables an individual
• To assess the general health status.
• To detect presence of infectious diseases e.g. HIV and Hepatitis B infections.
• To screen for common hereditary conditions that may affect future offspring e.g. Thalassaemia.


Present Complaints (If Any)
Past Medical, Family, Social & Drug History
Vaccination review
Review of Whole Body Systems

Haematological Studies
Blood Group – ABO+D blood group verification + Rh Factor
Diabetes Screening (Glucose)
Venereal Disease
      - Chlamydia (BT)
      - Total Syphilis Antibody Screening
      - HIV screening
Hepatitis (B - Surface Antigen & Surface Antibody)
Urine Analysis
Abdominal Ultrasound
Gynecology Consultation & PAP smear / Wet mount
Chest x-ray

Vital Sign
      - Height
      - Weight
      - BMI
      - Blood Pressure
      - Vision Test
      - Hearing Test

Detailed medical and family history.
Discussion and interpretation of all laboratory results.
Recommendation of healthcare education and healthcare improvement.
Medical follow-up and direct referrals to other specialists’ services.
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